Consultancy for the Horseracing Industry

Simply Racing focuses on making your business simple so that your people and horses can come first.

Our consultancy adopts a joined up and bespoke approach to racing's needs offering business solutions to racing professionals from a "stable" that understands the racing industry.

Who we are...

We are a stable that blends racing knowledge with business expertise ensuring solutions both relevant to Racing and current in terms of business practices and methods.

As a stable, we bring a combination of pedigree and performance with an in-depth knowledge and specialisation across every field. We have contacts and good working relationships with many of racing's stakeholders and their affiliates, in tandem with expertise from the business and legal world that will add a different perspective.

We can supply consultants who will understand your needs and not waste valuable time trying to understand the language of racing. We will see projects through to completion and believe in following up on our work.

"Simply Racing assisted the EBF on recruitment and we found them to be insightful, efficient and great at communicating but above all, their knowledge of the racing and breeding industry meant they were in tune with the requirements of the role and the candidates' skills. They were a huge help to us”.

What makes us unique to horseracing

We offer comprehensive business support to individuals and businesses connected to the horseracing industry combining first hand racing knowledge with business expertise.

Expertise including employee engagement, leadership, change management and operational transformation. We health check your business practices, add resources and support to your team and can help you transform your business.

Simply Racing takes you from the first furlong marker to the finishing line introducing people to the industry in an informed and useful way.

“Racing is a wonderful sport with dynamic career paths and exciting opportunities in numerous diverse areas. However, it can also be complicated and complex to understand. Simply Racing provides an expert and unique service for anyone committed to a career in the sport but needing a helping hand to navigate the available opportunities”.
Women in Racing, Committee Member

  • Performance Management & Coaching
  • Business skill set for industry professionals
  • Leadership Coaching and Executive Mentoring
  • Counselling
  • Interviewing / Induction / Networking
  • Succession Planning
  • Presentation Skills and Public Speaking
  • Board Profiling, Process and Evaluation
  • Facilitation
  • Projects & Restructuring
  • Feasibility Studies / Strategic Reports
  • Specialist Advisory Services: Small Businesses, Not For Profit Expertise and Corporate Sector
  • Navigating the Industry - Sponsor Induction
  • Equestrian Bodies Expertise
  • Marketing, Comms & PR
  • Marketing and Communications
  • Public Relations
  • Digital Marketing - Social Media, Blogging, Newsletter Marketing
  • Media Strategy
  • Strategic HR & People Development / Legal Advice & Mediation
  • Modernisation of Existing Practices and Policies
  • Dispute Resolution/ Grievance Avoidance
  • Racing Mediation Panel
  • Contract Documentation/ Risk and Liability Assessment
  • Operational Reviews/ Pay and Benefits
  • Employment Engagement Surveys and Interviews
  • HR Consultancy to support your business


We can be cost effective, because we do not struggle to understand Racing and have an informed understanding of the needs and world of our clients.

We look at things from a Racing angle but bring professional standards and business savvy from worlds outside the sport.

We understand the politics of Racing first hand, with executive and board experience at the highest level.

We are flexible and bespoke.

We form trusted partnerships and help you do the same.

We ensure projects are followed through from start to finish, but also believe in the welfare and aftercare of the businesses we work with. So we ensure that there is review, accountability and follow up.

Dena believed in me from the very outset. She helped me to find the confidence within myself and through a series of steps she worked with me to define and realise a tangible set of short and longer goals. She was constantly on hand to provide support and reassurance. Plainly, she cares and is passionate about the people she works with - her goal is simply to make others successful

Senior Executive